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Ingrid Bergman: Tacktal på Oscarsgalan 1975

Jan de Meyere



Ingrid Bergman



Los Angeles


Efter att ha vunnit i kategorin ”Actress in a Supporting Role” för rollen i ”Murder on the Orient Express”. 
Thank you very much indeed. It’s always very nice to get an Oscar. But in the past he has shown that he is very forgetful and also has the wrong timing. Because last year when ”Day and Night” won for the best picture I couldn’t believe it that Valentina Cortese was not nominated, because she gave the most beautiful performance. 
[Hittar Cortese i publiken:] There you are! She gave the most beautiful performance that all we actresses recognized because, after all, we have all forgotten our lines and always open the wrong doors, and it was wonderful to see her do it so beautifully. Therefore I am… It’s so ironic that this year she’s nominated when the picture won last year. I don’t quite understand that, but here I am and I’m her rival and I don’t like it at all. Please forgive me, Valentina. I didn’t mean to. Thank you.